Starting and Running Your Retail Business



Starting and Running your Retail Business – The Ultimate Personal Guide 


This guide provides the essential on how to go about Starting and Running your own Retail Business – The Ultimate Personal Guide  Achieving success in these areas forms the core of improving significantly. Otherwise, what is the point of trying so much at all? Right.

Here is your quick guide for successful Retailing: –

  1. Purpose of the business: – Money and motivation for the business.
  2. Profitability improvement: – How to improve your profits by “focusing”.
  3. Plan: – Building a business plan, identifying strengths, weakness and focus areas.
  4. Property: – Location identification, expand by location, size etc
  5. Place: – Interiors and brand positioning
  6. People (customers): – Building personas, understanding the target customer, etc
  7. Products: – Inventory management techniques, stock to sale ratios, improving stock turn, pricing, slow moving stocks, open to buy, etc
  8. People (ours): – Recruitment, training, motivation, salary structure, incentives structure, etc
  9. Processes: – Set up standard operating procedures, identifying improvement areas etc.
  10. Performance metrics: – Identifying and tracking business metrics margins, bottom line, conversion, etc.
  11. Partners: – How, to build a win-win relationship between vendors and other retailers.
  12. Promotion: – (ATL and BTL) print and digital media and face to face etc
  13. Problem solving: – How to problem solve – whose money is it anyway?


We are Retail Business Consultants – Hire us! – We can help start and run your successful retail business – turning your dream business into a reality. We can boost your revenues and enhance your profitability with our experience and expertise.

As professionals we analyze your business and provide consulting to help improve your organization’s productivity.


We offer you multiple options to make more money: –

  1. Start with our free 30 mins instant consulting session
  2. Join our 3 months Retail Business Clinic Program
  3. Then you can consider joining our 6 months Retail Business Clinic Program
  4. You can also enrol and attend any of our Trainings and Workshops.




We are Retail Business Consultants - Hire us!



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