More traffic equals more sales & revenue opportunities!

Foot traffic is one of the most essential measures when it comes to running a successful retail brick-and-mortar store. More traffic means more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which in turn leads to higher revenues. So, how do you drive foot traffic to your retail store? Here are a few things you can do to increase store traffic – get more people walking through your doors.

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We are Retail Business Consultants – Hire us!

  We are Retail Business Consultants – Hire us! – We can help start and run your successful retail business – turning your dream business into a reality. We can boost your revenues and enhance your profitability with our experience and expertise. As professionals we analyze your business and provide consulting to help improve your […]

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12 Powerful Customer Service Tips

  Free E-Book: 12 Powerful Customer Service Tips for The Profitable Retailer   Providing excellent customer service is a difficult but very rewarding task! The experience of your customers of the service you provide has an enormous impact on your brand and the bottom line. Great customer service means great sales and referral opportunities for […]

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Accelerate Your Business Success with Proven Methods!

Maximize learning and minimize downtime with Open training workshops and On-site training workshops at your office. Bervidson Training Workshops are available now to discerning companies excited about strategic competitiveness, winning larger market share, and boosting sales & profitability! Bervidson Training Workshops covering critical business needs like sales development and management, customer service and experience management, leadership development and such other critical soft skills needed, brings face-to-face, flexible, cost-effective training both in open sessions and straight to your office.

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10 Successful Selling Tips

  Free E-Book: 10 Successful Selling Tips for The Profitable Retailer   World class sales performance never happens by accident! In today’s dynamic business environment, selling has gone beyond having good products at attractive prices. Your competition also offers great products at attractive prices! What can you do to influence customers to choose you among […]

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The Retail WAR in Nigeria have just begun! But will you survive?

Retail is at WAR in Nigeria! Discerning retailers not only know this but also daily preparing and fighting to win the ever dynamic and unending WAR – how to beat your competitors and dominate your category.

The Retail WAR Strategies Series seek to provide and equip retail in Nigeria with apposite (but sometimes overlooked) WAR arsenal, strategies and tactics. The WAR (Winning At Retail) Strategy Series seek to among other things; drive home the point for retailers in very clear and certain terms that retail are at WAR; and to present retailers with tried and proven global retail best practice winning strategies and tactics flavoured to handle local realities.

The Retail WAR have just begun! But will you survive?

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