The Retail Leaders Conference, TRLC 2019 (6th edition) – AGENDA

The Retail Leaders Conference TRLC - AGENDA


Join us at the 6th edition of The Retail Leaders Conference – TRLC 2019, holding on June 20, 2019 by 9:00 am at Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island Lagos with the theme: “Nigeria Retail 2025 – The Catalyst & The Game-Changers”



The Retail Leaders Conference brings together key stakeholders, enterprise level leaders, decision
makers, in retail industry and B2B leaders seeking partnership opportunities (owners, c-level executives
and senior managers in retail and retail supporting organisations).

Companies/ Organisations
– Retail
– Telecom
– Banks & Other Financial Institutions
– Manufacturing
– Retail Service Providers
– Government/ Regulators/ MDAs

– Owners/ CEOs
– Commercial/ Marketing/Sales Directors/ Executive Directors
– C-level and other Senior Executives
– General Managers, Divisional Manager & Senior Managers




In today’s world where business strategies change daily, what are the top global and domestic trends that should be on retail leaders’ radar to guarantee continuous growth, profitability and sustainability? As the Nigeria retail industry undergoes a series of dynamic shifts into the future, how do retail leaders plan for disruptions? How do they ensure that they are the disruptors and not the disrupted? How can they go from being surprised by trends, to getting ahead of the constantly shifting trends, and riding the wave of disruption? How do they engage today’s dynamic consumers that are more demanding, more discerning and more dis-engaged than ever before? How do they engage with an aggressively growing competition from nimble new entrants, rising ecommerce trends and more appreciation and use of technology within the ecosystem that are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy and how they live?

Hacking The Future Of Nigeria Retail 2025:

TRLC 2019 – the 6th edition of The Retail Leaders Conference, seeks to explore the deep implications of key shifts in social structures and consumer aspirations, behaviour and preferences critical to retail success; and retail leaders’ ability to successfully secure a respectable place within the complex ecosystem as the Nigeria retail industry progress towards the year 2025 and beyond

TRLC 2019 is about helping retail leaders to change the way they think about the future, and by implication the actions they need to take now in other to secure a firm place of respectable growth, relevance and leadership in the future. It is about exploring a wider and deeper perspective of the Nigeria retail industry, and how retail leaders can deliberately create the future that they so desire for the industry and for their retail businesses by the year 2025 and beyond.

T0 underscore the point, it is not about predicting a distant future; it is about how retail leaders can change their organisations now so that it is relevant today and in the future. It is about developing a new mindset, opening of imagination to the unexpected and seemingly implausible, and stress-testing every single assumption they have about the scope and pace of change taking place in the Nigeria retail space. It is about embracing the stack reality that consumers they deal with and the ecosystem within which they operate have forever changed!

It is about equipping retailers leaders with unique insights to create the right balance between success today and sustainable growth for the future, confront the dynamic realities in the retail ecosystem, shift their focus from only protecting what they have today, to creating what they want/need to become, and adopt solutions to set retail on the journey to a prosperous and fun-filled future – the year 2025. We expect participants to leave the Conference with clear actionable insights and responsibilities.

The future of the Nigeria retail industry is constantly evolving and may seem uncertain, but it is exciting and profitable for those who start to adapt now, and very exciting for those who will embrace the catalyst and the game-changers!





The retail ecosystem is experiencing unprecedented changes driving new consumer behaviours and values. The industry is faced with daily disruptions for winning brands and retailers seeking to adapt and evolve to meet entirely new market imperatives for success.

In today’s world where the consumers have become very dynamic and demanding, and business strategies change daily, what are the top global and domestic trends that should be on retail leaders’ radar? More specifically, as the Nigeria retail industry undergo a series of dynamic shifts on the road to 2025, how should retailer leaders plan for disruption? How do retail leaders ensure that they are the disruptor and not the disrupted? How do retail leaders go from being surprised by trends, to getting ahead of the constantly shifting trends and riding the wave of disruption?

Join leading industry expert to explore how retailers and brands are changing the way they think, design, develop and go to market through the use of DATA AND INSIGHTS both from inside and outside of the industry to drive their retail enterprise and guarantee a respectable place in Nigeria Retail 2025.



Managing change transformation whilst preserving business and brand DNA is a key challenge facing business leaders across the world and Nigeria retail is no exception.

How are retailers structuring their organisations and changing their operating culture to respond to shifting consumer demands and the economy?

How are retailers responding to the fundamental business challenge of managing the business transformation for sustainable profitability, growth and success now and into the future?

Join leading industry expert to explore the strategies to deliver your retail vision 2025 as we manage the emerging inevitable change on the road to retail 2025 and beyond.



In trying to understand the challenges facing retail, we found more and more empirical evidence that one of the main obstacles to growth and success is access to finance, given the general absence of players offering a flexible product that would meet the needs of retail. Traditional loan funding from the formal market generally requires collateral, which many of retailers do not have, and is largely inflexible. How do we address this very obvious gap? This gap represent a huge opportunity for discerning and willing funding institutions and agencies waiting to be exploited.

Ironically, every well-meaning financial institution in Nigeria has a well-established retail division. But how many are truly committed to supporting retail? Evidence seem to suggest that our financial institution are barely scratching the surface when it comes to retail financing.

What is required however, are funding institutions and agencies with management team that fully believes in retail business, with shared goals and beliefs in the developmental nature of retail business and industry. These institutions and agencies must be willing to invest in working with retail to get to understand retail businesses, nature of the industry and the nature of funding that is best suited to their operation. These funding agencies must be willing to trade short term gains for long term success. They must also be willing to support and invest in capacity building, a key areas that the industry in seriously need of help.

Join leading finance expert to explore financing the retail 2025 enterprise of the future.



How many Nigeria mall developers are planning, designing and building shopping centres based on research into consumer insights? What is the relevance of the tenancy and merchandise mix to the catchment the mall serves? Is anyone thinking about creating bazaars or marketplaces within shopping centres and making the centres more “Nigerian” and not necessarily “Western”? Who is thinking and creating neighbourhood mall? New rent models that is more realistic and sustainable? New store rent/ownership models?

This session will ask thought provoking questions to all players in the industry – developers, retailers and consultants / brokers – with the intention to look deep into what we have learnt in the last 10 years – if anything at all, and how we can make new shopping centres more relevant to retail success on the road to Nigeria Retail 2025.



You have passed on your business, but how do you pass the passion and the values?

Predominantly, retail businesses in Nigeria are family businesses. Who says business isn’t personal? For family empires, passing the baton from one generation to the next is a test of leadership that involves blood and sweat.

How can the old guard identify the most suitable successors, teach them the ropes, nurture talent and encourage aspirations, so that one day the heir-apparent can effectively succeed at the helm? How can we develop tomorrow leaders today? How can the emerging leader learn from experience and yet innovate and take risks?

A disturbing trend is also emerging and that is most of the next generation retail managers have become or are becoming the new Andrews seeking greener pasture outside of our beloved country! Unfortunate as it may be, what options do we have?

Learn leadership transition and succession planning models for family and non-family empires from forward-thinking industry leaders.



(Who is Innovating What?)



Retail continues to change at a dramatic pace, with shoppers evolving their habits and raising their expectations faster than many retailers can adjust. Through value-driven strategies, technology can help retailers operate seamlessly across channels to create great experiences for customers.

Technology is the catalyst for change, and in retail, it’s changing the way businesses interact with consumers and enhance their relationships, while making daily operations easier and gaining revenue for the business itself. Digital technology, mobile technology and lately artificial intelligence in particular, have brought a new wave of innovation that completely changes the game for retail.

Technology is helping make retail businesses smarter than one can possibly imagine. Together, they are helping create magic on different touchpoints, gather insights rather than data, and connect with consumers to create something that is meaningful, not just for them but also for businesses.

What are the technologies that retail must embrace on the road to retail 2025? What technological innovations can we expect in the Nigeria retail space by the year 2025? Consumers are getting smarter by the day. It’s time retailers catch up too.

Get an idea on the technology that will shape the Nigeria retail 2025 and why you must begin to embrace them today.






Hear the forerunners from different retail segment shares their brand and business experiences and what they are doing to secure their place in the Nigeria retail 2025. In particular they will share on

👉What they found challenging in their journey so far

👉Their motivation in the face of daunting challenges

👉Their inspiration for success

👉Key success advice to retailers on the road to Nigeria Retail 2025



👉Fashion & Lifestyle

👉Pharmacy & Health

👉Telecom & IT



👉Gifts & Homewares

👉Food & Entertainment





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