The Retail Leaders Conference TRLC 2019


Join us at the 6th edition of The Retail Leaders Conference – TRLC 2019, holding on June 20, 2019 by 9:00 am at Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island Lagos with the theme: “Nigeria Retail 2025 – The Catalyst & The Game-Changers”



The Retail Leaders Conference brings together key stakeholders, enterprise level leaders, decision
makers, in retail industry and B2B leaders seeking partnership opportunities (owners, c-level executives
and senior managers in retail and retail supporting organisations).

Companies/ Organisations
– Retail
– Telecom
– Banks & Other Financial Institutions
– Manufacturing
– Retail Service Providers
– Government/ Regulators/ MDAs

– Owners/ CEOs
– Commercial/ Marketing/Sales Directors/ Executive Directors
– C-level and other Senior Executives
– General Managers, Divisional Manager & Senior Managers




TRLC 2019 – the 6th edition of The Retail Leaders Conference, seeks to explore the deep implications of key shifts in social structures and consumer aspirations, behaviour and preferences critical to retail success; and retail leaders’ ability to successfully secure a respectable place within the complex ecosystem as the Nigeria retail industry progress towards the year 2025.

This Conference will help retail leaders to change the way they think about the future, and by implication the actions they need to take now in other to secure a firm place of respectable growth, relevance and leadership in the future. It is about exploring a wider and deeper perspective of the Nigeria retail industry, and how retail leaders can deliberately create the future that they so desire for the industry, and in particular their retail businesses by the year 2025 and beyond.



In today’s world where business strategies change daily, what are the top global and domestic trends that should be on retail leaders’ radar to guarantee continuous growth, profitability and sustainability? As the Nigeria retail industry undergoes a series of dynamic shifts into the future, how do retail leaders plan for disruptions? How do they ensure that they are the disruptors and not the disrupted? How can they go from being surprised by trends, to getting ahead of the constantly shifting trends, and riding the wave of disruption? How do they engage today’s dynamic consumers that are more demanding, more discerning and more dis-engaged than ever before? How do they engage with an aggressively growing competition from nimble new entrants, rising ecommerce trends and more appreciation and use of technology within the ecosystem that are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy and how they live?

To underscore the point, TRLC 2019 is about how retail leaders can change their organisations now so that it is relevant today and in the future. It is about developing a new mindset, opening of imagination to the unexpected and seemingly implausible, and stress-testing every single assumption they have about the scope and pace of change taking place in the Nigeria retail space. It is about embracing the stack reality that consumers they deal with and the ecosystem within which they operate have forever changed!

This Conference will therefore, equip retailers and other participants with unique insights to create the right balance between success today and sustainable growth for the future, confront the dynamic realities in the retail ecosystem, shift their focus from only protecting what they have today, to creating what they want/need to become, and adopt solutions to set retail on the journey to a prosperous and fun-filled future – the year 2025. We expect participants to leave the Conference with clear actionable insights and responsibilities.

The future of the Nigeria retail industry is constantly evolving and may seem uncertain, but it is exciting and profitable for those who start to adapt now, and very exciting for those who will embrace “the catalyst and the game-changers!”




The Nigeria retail industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past decade, and it continues to evolve quickly. The industry is being confronted by an aggressively growing competition from nimble new entrants, fast-changing and demanding consumers, rising ecommerce trends and more appreciation and use of technology within the ecosystem. For instance, a look at major street in urban centres paints the picture better as almost every building hitherto residential have been transformed into retail business premises. In addition, traditional retailers (brick and mortar retailers) are being confronted by a growing competition from ecommerce retailers who are already taking a growing share of retail sales with the leading e-businesses fast becoming dominant retail players in the country. Most of all, whether offline or online, both are daily confronted by a dynamic ecosystem, and consumers that are more dynamic, demanding and less forgiving.

With these changes taking place, discerning and forward-thinking retail leaders must embrace the hard truth of building businesses that are successful not only for today, but that are sustainable, and can be passed on to successors that are passionate about the business they so much love and care about. For instance, they must be concerned about questions like: what the Nigeria retail environment will look like few or many years from now? What will competition look like? What will the customer look like? What will their preferences be? What policies are likely to shape the Nigeria retail of the future? What are the possible tailwinds and headwinds? These and many other such questions implies that every well-meaning retailer must be gearing up for an uncertain and coming onslaught in the retail business environment. The above notwithstanding, it is clear that the Nigeria retail landscape in 2025 will not be the same as it is today.


The 2nd edition of The Retail Leaders Conference, TRLC 2015 marked the beginning of “The Future of Retail in Nigeria” series during which we threw a 10 year challenge to retail leaders in the country, urging them to take a 10 year view of their retail enterprise and the Nigeria retail industry in general, with a view to futureproofing their retail enterprise while maximising emerging growth opportunities.

We therefore envisioned and set 2025 as a critical year that retail leaders must look to and seek to secure a firm place of respectable growth, relevance and leadership, or face the hard reality of becoming history. As key actors and stakeholders collaborate in proffering solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the operating environment, the year 2025 will indeed usher in, and define the new era of retail in the Nigeria.



To successfully secure a respectable place in Nigeria retail 2025 and beyond therefore, retail leaders must find the right balance between success today and sustainable growth for the future. They must confront the dynamic realities in the retail ecosystem such as the more demanding consumers with evolving preferences, disruptive technologies, changing business models and agile market entrants that are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy and how they live. In this complex environment, Retail leaders must shift their focus from protecting what they have, to creating what they need to become by the year 2025.

Retail leaders must rethink how and where to serve the smart consumer and provide them with the right experiences they seek. They must build the capabilities to put data at the heart of their organizations and create the agility to respond to market change. Their supply chain must evolve into a transparent demand-response network. Retail leaders must begin to explore, identify and implement the right balance of bold strategic choices that will sustain their business today and transform it for guaranteed relevance in 2025.

In addition, retail leaders must put the needs and experience of the consumer first; do whatever it takes to make their organizations super-agile; think big, start small & scale fast; understand where value will be created; Speed, and trust will always matter; constantly stress-test every assumption; challenge complacency; embrace challenges and most of all, cast their net wider for opportunities.



  • Fee: N100,000 Per Participant (10% off for RAN & NACC members)
    (Note: Fee covers materials, facilitation, tea break & lunch and certification only)






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